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Crumble produces a strong THC effect since the solvents used during its production help extract the psychoactive substances to make the final product virtually pure cannabinoid in content.

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How to Use Marijuana Crumble

The most common concern is how best to smoke a concentrate. However, since high temperature destroys the psychoactive compounds in the crumble, you should consume it in alternative ways.

  • Sucking

Some people dissolve pieces of crumble under their tongues. It allows the chemical components to enter your bloodstream directly, making you stoned fairly quickly. Prepare to keep it under your tongue for a while, though, not drinking anything in the meantime.

  • Dabbing

The most popular way of using crumble is to place a piece of it into the metal nail of a dab pen, heat it and inhale it through the mouthpiece. Be ready for an immediate and overwhelmingly powerful effect.

  • Eating

Probably, the best way to consume cannabis, both for your health and the eventual intensity of the effect, is to mix it with food. Ideally, the thermal processing shouldn’t take too long unless you bake cannabis biscuits. And the dish you add it to shouldn’t be too oily or spicy.

  • Vaping

Another popular way of consuming crumble these days is to vape it. Many cartridges have chambers specifically for marijuana wax. You’re welcome to browse our Cartridges page for more information on different kinds of weed vape cartridges and the items in stock in our online store.

  • Smoking

If you want to smoke it nonetheless, it’s best to keep the crumble away from the fire. In other words, you shouldn’t put the piece on the tip of a cigarette or heat it with a flame. You could, for example, mix small bits of the crumble with tobacco to roll a joint instead.


Is crumble better than wax?

Crumble and wax refer to the same thing. The drier it is, the more likely it will be called crumble, and vice versa.

What are the cons of the THC crumble?

The main drawback is the high retention of certain harmful chemicals after the extraction process. As crumble is the driest concentrate, it's the least harmful one too.

Is crumble addictive?

No, it isn't. Cannabis doesn't cause physiological addiction.

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