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Marijuana is a colloquial name for a psychoactive plant known as cannabis. Since time immemorial, marijuana flowers have been consumed worldwide for a number of reasons. Besides its recreational value and its religious significance in some geographic locations, cannabis has been used for its medicinal qualities too.

Two Main Components

There’re two significant chemical compounds in the cannabis plant, and they have slightly different psychological and medical effects.


THC is a psychoactive compound since it affects the parts of the brain that are responsible for coordination of movement, cognitive processes, including memory, and pleasure. In other words, this is the component that gets you high and makes you trip. THC has a sedative effect as well: it reduces anxiety, helps fall asleep, and suppresses appetite. It’s been found to help with nausea and some symptoms of multiple sclerosis, and it relieves various spasms too.


CBD doesn’t produce any intoxication, and it doesn’t get you high. Its effect is mainly analgesic: it alleviates pain, and it’s particularly good for various neurological pains and migraine. CBD is the component that makes you feel tranquil when you smoke marijuana.

Types of Flowers

The two strains of marijuana differ in the effects they produce as they contain THC and CBD in different ratios.

Cannabis Indica

This strain contains larger amounts of THC compared to CBD. It gets you high and makes you feel euphoric. It can also produce psychedelic effects: some people find them disturbing, whereas others believe that such effects are the best part of the trip.

Cannabis Sativa

This type of cannabis contains more CBD then THC. Many people appreciate marijuana’s positive effects on health and mental condition, and they’d like to consume it for those purposes, without the psychedelic experience. If you can relate to it, sativa is a more suitable option for you.

Our Assortment

Depending on what effect you seek, our online store offers you a large assortment of marijuana flowers of both sativa and indica strains, as well as hybrids of the two.

We have a reasonable price list that ranges from a shake for $30 per gram to the top-shelf flowers for $99 per gram. We also offer you discounts if you buy larger amounts: 10 g, for example, costs 20% less.


We deliver our products to private addresses in the USA. Please keep in mind that, to comply with the law, we can’t send a parcel to your PO box. Our delivery is 100% confidential out of respect for your privacy.

To place an order, simply provide us with

  • your ID, passport or driver’s to confirm that you’re 18 or older,
  • your cell number that receives calls and SMS.


Do CBD and THC flowers look different?

Yes, they do slightly, but only a lab test can determine the ratio.

Do you deliver outside the USA?

No, we don't. We deliver strictly inside the country.

What payment methods may I use?

We accept all major credit cards, Bitcoin and Litecoin.


You’ll find more information about weed flowers in the Blog section. Should you still have any questions, please write to us or just leave your inquiry on our webpage, and we’ll reply ASAP. Go to About Us for our contact details. Otherwise, just click on the flower you’ve selected and place an order. Welcome to our online store!